Cista Lueeeze’s Brunch House Theatre

Hey Shuga Sweet

Our owner, Jacqueline, is not only busy at the Inspirational You Beauty Box, she is a Playwright, Actress, and Evangelist that makes people laugh. Meet her Alter Ego, Cista Lueeeze. Cista Lueeeze’s Brunch House Theatre is a nonprofit that Jacqueline founded in 2016 and serves as the President/Chairperson. As a Christian Comedian, she has written and published four comedy stage plays that she directs and produces. Her success has allowed her cast and crew to travel and perform productions for sold-out audiences at performing arts centers in multiple cities within North Carolina. In addition, Cista Lueeeze has traveled interstate to perform in Louisiana, South Carolina, New York, and Georgia.

You can experience Cista Lueeeze while at the Inspirational You Beauty Box when you purchase her DVDs and other promotional items offered. And don’t be shocked if she pays a visit to the store while you’re visiting.

woman posing
Cista Lueeeze
Cista Lueeeze